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Free programs that will save your PC!

Computers are a lot like cars, you need to maintain them if you want them to keep running well!  Just like an engine the more you use it the more crap builds up which will eventually slow you down.  IObit makes two of the best computer maintenance programs that I’ve ever used, Advanced System Care & Smart Defrag.

These programs are a must have for any computer, I wouldn’t use one without them!  Oh and have I mentioned that they’re totally free?

Advanced System Care

Advanced System Care optimizes and cleans your computer to keep it running smoothly.  It has many features including cleaning up leftover internet junk, cookies, and broken links on your computer.  It scans for malware, fixes computer vunerabilities, erases your history, and even adds a passive defense which prevents most spyware from being accidentally installed on your computer.  With the performance tweaks and features of Advanced System Care every time it runs it’s like giving your PC an oil change!

Side Note: IObit does also offer a Pro version of Advanced System Care which adds additional features to the program.  If you have a few extra bucks I highly recommend the full version!

Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag keeps your files organized on the hard drive so they can be accessed faster and more efficiently.  When you create and delete files on your computer eventually the data becomes scattered across the disk, which can cause it to take a really long time to access files.  Imagine for a moment all of your programs and files are like the different colored candies in a bag of Skittles.  Let’s say that a program asks for all of the red Skittles.  It can take a really long time to move around a big pile and pick out just the red ones right?  Now imagine that all the colors have been organized into their own little piles.  You’d be able to quickly grab the ones you want without having to sort through all the colors!  Defragging does exactly that!  It takes all the little pieces that make up the files on your hard disk and organizes them so you can access them faster!  Smart Defrag does a great job of keeping files organized, not to mention it runs automatically in the background when the system is idle.  Set it and forget it! =)

TL;DR Get Advanced System Care Smart Defrag, your computer will love you for it!

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